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IBM Webcast: Data Management for a New Generation with IBM Informix

Title: Data Management for a New Generation with IBM Informix
Date: Tuesday, October the 4th, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles) / 1:00 PM Eastern Time (New York City) / 19:00h Germany
Duration: 60 Minutes
Hosted by: IBM, Tom Rieger / Scott Whalen

This session is designed for new and existing Informix users to learn 
why Informix is still is the best solution, from the most mundane of 
data needs all the way to the largest of systems. We will show examples 
where Informix is better than any other technology when you combine all 
of the capabilities around: 

* Always On with dynamic reconfiguration, self-tuning and the most 
  flexible replication in the industry. This is about 100% uptime. 
* Always Smart with the ability to bring a large number of users 
  into a database to ask the hard questions around data warehousing 
  and analytical processing. 100s of concurrent users wanting Google-like 
  response times. 
* Always Flexible as Informix is the only enterprise database that 
  can run and replicate between operating systems, tiers, versions 
  and geographies. It can grab and return resources on-demand for 
  your worst case scenarios. 
* Always Fast for transactional, warehousing, and mixed environments. 
  Do your users now expect those queries that took minutes before to 
  run in seconds? Are you looking to bring your corporate data to 
  more and more users – both inside and outside your organization? 

Oracle cannot do this. Microsoft doesn’t know how. Teradata falls apart with too many concurrent users.
Oh, did we mention you can do all this for a fraction of the cost? License cost, hardware cost, people costs.
We know your accountants care about that.

IBM forgot to mention: DB2 can't do that either !

Data Management for a New Generation with IBM Informix

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