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IBM Data Management Magazine: Informix Warehouse Accelerator

Nice article about the power of Informix Warehouse Accelerator in combination with the latest IBM hardware MAX5 memory expansion technology:

Supercharging the data warehouse while keeping costs down

It is impressive to see how memory limits expand. IBM claims that a single IBM X5 system with Intel processors could be configured with 6 TB of memory. Given the fact that IWA efficiently compresses the data it holds in memory, it is now possible to store even large warehouses consisting of several terabytes of data completely in memory. This makes IWA an excellent choice for organizations that need answers in seconds instead of hours.

IBM owns a strong technology with Informix IWA. But there is still one little problem: IBM doesn't market Informix or at least it doesn't do it in a smart and clever way (:- A problem that exists for years now and nobody at IBM seems to be able or willing to fix it. Without a serious marketing even the best technology rarely succeeds.

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