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IBM Data Management Magazine 03/2011

A new issue of the IBM Data Management Magazine has been released.

On page 8 you'll find Stuart Litel's IIUG User's View column titled Happy 10th Anniversary to IBM and Informix.

On page 10 there is an interesting article about IBM's Netezza datawarehouse appliance. Netezza - which embedds a modified PostgreSQL RDBMS - requires no indexes, no tuning and only little maintenance and is able to speed up datawarehouse queries significantly.

On page 23 and page 42 you can then read how to achieve even more impressive results in the acceleration of warehouse queries to a considerable lower price than Netezza or Oracle Exadata: IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator is a state of the art in-memory, column oriented data store that speeds up queries by factors of thousands. It requires no indexes, no tuning, no storage allocation, no statistics maintenance, no partition strategy, no cubes or summary tables and can do all this without the need of specialized, expensive hardware components:

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