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Good new articles on IBM developerWorks

There have been a bunch of new articles covering Informix 11.70 features published on IBM developwerWorks. If you haven't read them yet, here they are:

The excellent overview article Compare the Informix Version 11 editions has been updated as well:

While reading the marketing article from B. Spang - The Beginning of the Next Decade of IBM Informix - I asked myself:

Why isn't IBM able to produce more than a single, lonesome press release about Informix 11.70 and it's great functionality ?

Yes, the press release has been covered by several agencies. But agencies are always happy if you give them something they could publish. So why don't give them more details about Informix 11.70 functionalities ?

We still didn't see an english press release about the new Informix packaging. I was told by IBM that they won't publish press releases covering price changes. Funny, IBM Germany did exactly that a few weeks ago:

German Title: Leichter Einstieg in die Datenbankwelt dank neuer Lizenzmodelle

The german title means something like "Easy entry in the database world due to new licensing models". This once again demonstrates the fact: "Where there's a will, there's a way". Unfortunately "the will" seems to be missing too often by IBM when it comes to Informix (:-

All in all I'm disappointed by the "marketing buzz" that IBM has created around Informix 11.70. Instead of a "tornado" they produced at most a "mild breeze" which is not enough to re-vitalize the Informix market. This could be done better and unfortunately the competition still does it better.

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