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Summary for Webcast "Cheetah Roadmap"

IBM's shift towards IDS

The Cheetah - Introduction and Roadmap webcast has been held by the Director of the Informix Lab Jerry Keesee. Jerry's presentation didn't dive deeply into the details of the Cheetah Release but it delivered an interesting overview about certain Cheetah features and the ongoing impressive progress of Informix@IBM.

The Presentation

Cheetah - Introduction and Roadmap

The Roadmap Picture

The Highlights

  • IBM deciced to rely on IDS as foundation of a new, exiting product called Websphere RFID Information Center. It is IBM's major initiative into the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) space and is planned to be released this month. The outstanding replication capabilities, industry leading extensibility features and the extremly low administration costs of IDS have been the crucial factors for this groundbreaking decision.
  • A new IBM Redbook has been published and provides an excellent overview about the superior IDS technology.
  • Feedback from customers participating in the closed beta program for Cheetah is extremly positive. An open beta called TEST DRIVE is planned to start in February 2007. This allows anybody to download Cheetah and test the exiting new features of this release.
  • A great marketing campaign around Cheetah is planned for 2007, comparable to the launch of the latest DB2 release (Codename Viper).
  • Two real life examples covering the unique capabilites of IDS technology have been mentioned:
    • A Retailer company runs 10.000 IDS instances with 8 DBA's and an uptime of 99.999 percent - IMPRESSIVE !!
    • A Wall Street company receives stock quotes from every market in the world, 24 hours a day, more than 100.000 messages per second, storing 5 Terabyte of data on a 4 CPU Linux box. IDS technologies involved are the Real Time Datablade and the Timeseries Datablade - IMPRESSIVE !!

    There is definitely no other data server that provides a comparable efficient administration, reliability and performance paired with an extremly hardware gentle architecture. IDS is the most efficient data server, no doubt about that !!

  • Cheetah will deliver new functionality in the areas of Security, XML, Web Services, Administration and Oracle Compatibility. More details can be found in Jerry's presentation. There is even more, groundbreaking functionality in Cheetah which will be announced later.
  • A major focus of Cheetah is to deliver superior support for Application Developers. New and enhanced drivers for the .NET (the Open Beta for CSDK 3.00 just started) and the JAVA platform as well as for the popular script languages like Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby will be released. EGL (Enterprise Generartion Language), a new Developer Work Bench and the Rational Data Architect will also offer superior support for IDS.
  • IDS is the optimal solution for highly critical 24x7 OLTP systems. UK based consultancy company oninit published the results of a recent survey among INFORMIX customers regarding IDS performance, reliability and administrability. The results are really impressive and I will cover them separately in an upcoming article.


IBM's shift towards IDS becomes more and more apparent. The excellent growth rate in IDS new license sales leaves no doubt about the strong future of INFORMIX. IDS is not hidden anymore, it is IBM's database of choice for several emerging markets and important application areas.

IDS is the uncrowned star of IBM's Information Management Division and establishes itself once again as the only real alternative to old bull Oracle.

The Committed Concurrency feature of the upcoming Cheetah Release will further outpace stepbrother DB2 in the favor of software vendors migrating their applications away from Oracle to an IBM data server.

The cult database IDS is IBM's Secret Weapon in a highly competitive database market.

IDS is not a commodity - it provides a real advantage over the competiton !!

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