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2007 - The comback of a cult database

Cheetah will make the difference

The nineties have been the decade of INFORMIX, displacing Sybase and establishing itself as the only real competitor of old bull Oracle.

Looking at the current shift of IBM (see also Informix@IBM) regarding database strategy and the treatment of INFORMIX, especially Informix Dynamic Sserver, I'm sure that we will see a great comeback of our favorite data server in 2007.

Informix Dynamic Server provides a real business advantage to companies who already realized the power, reliability and ease of use of IBM's strategic data server. Those companies do not trust the marketing machinery and their claims about TCO and manageability of databases because they already have worked with INFORMIX and experienced the difference between promises written on powerpoint slides and the real daily database business.

The open beta program for the next version of IDS, codename Cheetah, has just started. Cheetah delivers impressive enhancements and exiting new functionality that will further tranform IDS into a real Administration Free Zone. Take a look at the happy penguins celebrating the revival of Informix on the Cheetah Boat (just click on the image to see a large version):

Join the party of the penguins and tell everybody that INFORMIX is alive and well prepared to regain market share (see article 30% license growth). INFORMIX will strike back powerful and sustainable with the Cheetah Release in 2007.

INFORMIX - Powerful, Reliable, Secure

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