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IBM bietet zwei kostenlose Informix Workshops an

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Informix Workshops der IBM

Die IBM bietet im November zwei kostenlose Workshops zum Thema Informix an. Der 1. Workshop geht über zwei Tage und behandelt das Thema Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition sowie Informix Warehouse Accelerator.

Der 2. Workshop umfasst einen Tag und beleuchtet die Informix Zeitreihen-Datenbanktechnologie (Informix Timeseries).

Beide Workshops finden in der IBM Niederlassung Düsseldorf statt.

Informix TimeSeries - The one and only database solution for extreme speed requirements

AMTSybex, a UK based energy service company, has published a Smart Meter benchmark based on IBM Informix Timeseries technology. The results are quiet impressive and demonstrate the predominance of the Informix technology regarding the handling of time stamped data:

Informix Timeseries Whitepaper and IBM Website Contents

There is a new whitepaper available that describes the benefits of IBM Informix Timeseries technology for collecting and analyzing massive amounts of timestamped data:

Build smart metering solutions with IBM Informix TimeSeries

Andrew Ford from the IIUG board of directors wrote an intersting article about the potential of the IBM Informix timeseries solution in the energy industry:

Webcast: Meter Data Management Pitfalls

Title: Meter Data Management Pitfalls (and how to avoid them)
Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT (07:30 PM German Time)


  • Why time series data used in smart metering solutions presents special challenges
  • Why traditional relational data management solutions aren’t equipped for time series data and meter data management over the long haul

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