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flexible grid

Informix Flexible Grid

Good article on IBM developerWorks about the Informix Flexible Grid feature:

Hopefully new customers discover the unique Informix Flexible Grid technology and it's advantages over commodity databases especially in interaction with Cloud Computing.

Redbook Draft Version: IBM Informix Flexible Grid

A new IBM Redbook is currently in draft status:

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Overview
  • Chapter 2. OpenAdmin Tool
  • Chapter 3. Configuring server for Flexible Grid and Enterprise Replication environments
  • Chapter 4. The Flexible Grid
  • Chapter 5. Administering Enterprise Replication

Informix Flexible Grid

A new article has been published on DBTA (Database Trends and Applications). The article is written by Nicholas Geib and talks about the Flexible Grid available with Informix 11.70:

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