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Case-insensitive databases with Informix

There is a new interesting article about creating case insensitive databases with Informix. This new functionality is available in Informix 11.70.xC2.

The article desribes why this new feature is more sophisticated than creating a functional index on a column or selecting data with the lower() or upper() function. Case-Insensitivity with Informix 11.70.xC2 applies to constraints, fragmentation schemes, group by/unique/distinct functions, order by and other SQL operations.

It is necessary to utilize nchar and nvarchar data types instead of char and varchar in order to make use of case insensitivity. New databases need to be explicitly created with the NLSCASE INSENSITIVE addition in the CREATE DATABASE statement. Existing databases need to be exported and re-imported in order to make them case-insensitive. There is a new command line switch '-ci' that tells dbimport to create a case-insensitive database.

The article is well written and informative:

IBM developerWorks: Perform case-insensitive queries in Informix

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