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A blog covering the information developers and DBA's might like about Informix, and Developing Applications on Informix
Updated: 11 weeks 2 days ago

Neat tutorial on raspberry pi and Informix

Tue, 2017-08-08 16:45

Hi all,


Wanted to point out a great Walkthru on setting up informal on Raspberry Pi.


The author work with IBM in the IOT area. It's a really good read

Push Data Feature in Infomrix.

Wed, 2017-07-19 16:33

So another feature that dovetails with the Smart Trigger feature is the Push Data Feature.

The relevant documentation is here:


Please note that the real information in the documentation seems to have problems displaying in some browsers, as an apple guy I use safari by default.

As such I copied the register call here.


In the example the documentation is setting things up to alert when the credit card has a transaction where more than $100 was charged.


execute function informix.task('pushdata register', {table:"creditcardtxns",owner:"informix",database:"creditdb",query:"select uid, cardid, carddata from creditcardtxns where carddata.Amount::int >= 100",label:"card txn alert"})


In this case once registered the server would alert the client, instead of the client having to constantly poll the Database. Once alerted, the Client would then select the smart large object and parse the actual alert.


Unlike smart triggers, this functionality is not limited to JDBC, but is usable by CSDK.

The danger of using as gospel.

Tue, 2017-07-18 20:10

The other Moral of the story


I recently had someone send me a variant of the following question:


" Why does Informix rank so low on the rankings?"


?Well, I quickly saw the Ranking he listed and realized we had an issue. Now to the website's credit, it clearly posts how it arrives at it's rankings, and makes no promises that it is an accurate reflection of existing usage, though it does think it is a potential bellwether for future usage. With that said here is the link for how gets their ranking:


db-engines is ultimately at the mercy of the data it uses, and unfortunately this points to a problem with data. Please note this is not a die hard person attempting to say that Informix should be in the top 5 or anything similar, it is certainly possible that a ranking system with more accurate data would still show that Informix would be near the bottom of a top 25 rankings system, this at being said here are a quick look at 3 problems with the data, or maybe 2 problems with the data.


First off IBM products are uniquely handicapped by the way this ranking is achieved  Why? Well because IBM's brand of marketing is to market concepts and not actual products. As such about the only time there is any notice of significance is during product release dates, and sometimes not much even then. This is not a criticism of IBM Marketing per se, just a realization that the result of said marketing will depress the results of this ranking process. If you are looking for Website existence, it suddenly means Informix , and DB2 for that matter, get far less mention because the Marketing department just doesn't release much materials.


Second problem is that almost all technical discussion of Informix occurs on or in PMR (proprietary), mailing lists are relatively active and consistent, but since neither PMR work nor discussions are published to the two sites db-engines uses that results in a very depressed score as well. 


Third has been the failure of people such as myself to spend time talking about the product. I have a blog and it used to be read, but work life issues got in the way, and until I read his ranking work I had let stuff slide. Had the amount of work I do with Informix decrease? Not at all, but my frequency of talking about it in a way that websites like could track had dropped to nearly nothing.


So the moral of this story is not that db-engine is bad, merely that it is ultimately affected by the limitations of the information

A secondary Moral would be, talking about the product if you use it tweet about it or blog about it, ultimately db-engines is driven a lot by grass roots information, and Informix users, and those that like it have been our own worst enemy in not pointing the product out.





After a Long Hiatus, back to blogging.

Tue, 2017-07-18 19:20

Yes this blog is slowing working it's way back to being active. Then intent will still be to help discuss issues revolving around the Informix Database platform and work. Again with both an eye towards the Developer and the Administrator. After all if you are not writing code against a Database what is the point in an administrator. 

Informix Smart Triggers

Tue, 2017-07-18 17:54

So As I posted in my Release Blog entry the new feature in 12.10.FC9 that interests me most is the Smart Trigger functionality.


There is a decent blog post with an example of a Smart Trigger here


What is exciting to me is the ability to implement the Pub/Sub model of event driven programming seamless into Informix code.


Think about something like inventory management. Previously within Informix, you would need to actively poll if you wanted to alert that inventory had fallen below a certain amount, now with this functionality you will be able to be automatically alerted of the event. A very welcome addition to the feature set IMHO.

12.10.FC9 Released.

Tue, 2017-07-18 17:42

Informix 12.10.FC9 has been released. 


The Release Notes can be found here.


Of specific interest to me is the Smart Trigger functionality.