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IDS Survey by oninit and openpsl

IDS at its best

The UK based companies oninit and openpsl recently published the results of an Informix Uptime Survey. There were about 241 companies attending the survey.

The Survey Objectives

Demonstrating that IDS is a strategic data server that provides:

Summary for Webcast "Cheetah Roadmap"

IBM's shift towards IDS

The Cheetah - Introduction and Roadmap webcast has been held by the Director of the Informix Lab Jerry Keesee. Jerry's presentation didn't dive deeply into the details of the Cheetah Release but it delivered an interesting overview about certain Cheetah features and the ongoing impressive progress of Informix@IBM.

The Presentation

Cheetah - Introduction and Roadmap

The Roadmap Picture

The Highlights

  • IBM deciced to rely on IDS as foundation of a new, exiting product called Websphere RFID Information Center. It is IBM's major initiative into the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) space and is planned to be released this month. The outstanding replication capabilities, industry leading extensibility features and the extremly low administration costs of IDS have been the crucial factors for this groundbreaking decision.


IIUG - Vote for your favorite candidates

IIUG Board of Directors Election

As an IIUG member you can now vote for your favorite candidates for the IIUG board of directors 2007. The election started yesterday (Dec 1th) and is open for two weeks (Dec 15 th):

2007 IIUG Board of Directors Election

Read the candidate statements intently before voting.

New IBM Redbook about IDS Technology

IDS V10 - Extended Functionality for Modern Business

IBM just published a brilliant, new Redbook about IDS Version 10:

IDS V10 - Extended Functionality for Modern Business

Download the Redbook and read it to gain an understandig about the outstanding technology of IBM's secret weapon in the highly competitive database market. It is has been written by well known INFORMIX experts.

The Redbook is currently a draft, the final version is planned for the end of the year.
It offers an excellent overview about the technology of IBM's strategic data server. From the table of contents:

Webcast Cheetah Roadmap

Cheetah - Introduction and Roadmap

Updated 2006-06-12
A summary of this webcast can be found on The Informix Zone:
IBM's shift towards IDS

Be prepared for the next webcast about the upcoming major release 11.10 of the cult database IDS.
Jerry Keesee, the Director of the Informix Lab, will talk about Cheetah on:

Tuesday, December the 5th at 11 am Eastern Time
Converted German Time is: 17:00 Uhr

This is an excellent opportunity to gain more insights on the exciting new features of Cheetah. So don't miss it !!

2007 - The comback of a cult database

Cheetah will make the difference

The nineties have been the decade of INFORMIX, displacing Sybase and establishing itself as the only real competitor of old bull Oracle.

Looking at the current shift of IBM (see also Informix@IBM) regarding database strategy and the treatment of INFORMIX, especially Informix Dynamic Sserver, I'm sure that we will see a great comeback of our favorite data server in 2007.

Informix Dynamic Server provides a real business advantage to companies who already realized the power, reliability and ease of use of IBM's strategic data server. Those companies do not trust the marketing machinery and their claims about TCO and manageability of databases because they already have worked with INFORMIX and experienced the difference between promises written on powerpoint slides and the real daily database business.

Valuable Information from IBM Tech Support

IBM Informix Support Technotes

I just discovered some interesting URL compositions on the IBM Informix Tech Support website. Those compositions are in the form of a tech support article which is focussed on a certain area of IDS like Installation, Migration or Performance Tuning.

IBM Informix Tech Support is well known to be one of the best and most knowledgeable support organizations in the IT industry. If you ever have worked with the support organizations of other players in the database market, I'm sure, you already discovered the difference. A strong and efficient database support organization is an absolute must for companies whose businesses depend on the continuous availability of their data servers.

Talking with Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby to IDS

Creating a Powerful Mixture

This article describes the database interfaces of popular script languages like Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby which provide direct access to data stored in Informix Dynamic Server.


Operate your own Blog

Become a part of The Informix Zone

Members of The Informix Zone are now able to create their own, individual blog.

I invite you to be an active part of the Informix Zone Community. If you have to say something (positive) about Informix technology, don't hesitate, register yourself and become a part of the Informix Zone Community. Your contributions in form of articles or opinions published in your personal blog at The Informix Zone are highly appreciated.

Raw Devices on Suse Linux

Building an unbeatable Performance Appliance

I'm proud to announce an excellent article written by my old friend and Informix fellow Christian Winterhager exclusively for The Informix Zone. Christian has a quiet long history working with Informix, actually he taught me Informix. He programs, teaches and is doing consultancy for Informix products since the middle of the 80's. That's about 20 years now, Informix must be a cult database, no doubt about that.

In his article Christian describes the creation and management of raw devices on Suse Linux.

IDS@IBM - The Positioning of a Cult Database

IBM's Data Server Positioning

Last Update: 2009-06-14

People often ask the question how IDS (Informix Dynamic Server) is positioned inside IBM's software portfolio. So refer to the subsequent points when you talk with your management about IBM's data server strategy:

IDS and DB2 are the flagship data servers of the IBM Information Management portfolio.

IDS is IBM's recommended first class data server for the following types of installations/environments:

  • Critical, high volume OLTP systems requiring outstandig availability, scalability and reliablity
  • Environments that need a real cluster data server with shared-disk support that enables an always on solution
  • Real Time Data Warehousing
  • Mass deployments with thousands of distributed database instances
  • Embedded Solutions requiring a DBMS running in stealth mode
  • Distributed Systems requiring sophisticated, well integrated replication solutions
  • Applications requiring excellent extensibility features inside the DBMS
  • Environments with limited DBA resources
  • MAC OS centered applications/environments that need a highly reliable and efficient data store

There are even many more reasons why Informix Dynamic Server is IBM's most reliable and efficient data server.

IDS is already a cult database which delivers exceptional high performance out of the box combined with nearly hands free administration. It has been build from the ground up for AUTONOMIC COMPUTING and powers many critical business systems today.

Most of those systems are running in stealth mode for months or even years without nameable DBA intervention.

IDS delivers real business advantages to companies which uses it's outstanding technology for powering their critical business systems.

The previous IDS V11 release (codename Cheetah) contained exciting new functionality that emphasizes the cult status of the Informix database. IDS V11.5 - Codename Cheetah2 - has been released in May 2008 and allows the creation of highly available database clusters based on cost efficient hardware:

Watch the following self-running demos which provide an overview about the superior Replication Technology that is part of the IDS database kernel:

IBM's Secret Weapon

IBM discovers the power of IDS

After the displacement of DB2 advocate Janet Perna as the head of IBM's Information Management Division, the new management discovers the power and outstanding technology of Informix. IDS evolves more and more as IBM's secret weapon in the highly competitive database market.

There are currently quite a lot of exiting activities happening around Informix and even more to come. Let's analyze the recent press releases and statements from IBM executives:

Tell me more about Cheetah...

Update 2008-01-16 - Cheetah 2 Open Beta started

IDS 11.5 (Cheetah 2) Open Beta started

Update 2008-01-16 - IDS Cheetah 2 Mac Port

Cheetah meets Leopard

Update 2007-26-10 - Free IDS Developer Edition

At the IOD 2007 conference IBM has announced a free IDS Developer Edition. Read more about this interesting offer here:

Free IDS Developer Version - A nightmare for other data servers ?.

Update 2007-04-09 - Cheetah Resource Outline

Summary for Webcast "Executive Roundtable"

The Informix Executive Roundtable webcast has been held today. It was an interesting event which really documented the increasing influence and visibility of Informix@IBM. For those of us who were not able to attend the webcast, here is the presentation and a summary of the exiting news and facts discussed.

Webcast Powerpoint Slides

Here are the key points that Jerry, Bruce and Stuart wanted us to take away:

However each of the three Executives gave us a lot more exiting news and valuable information about our favorite data server, so please read on:

Stay informed

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