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CIDC seeking Senior Informix-DBA

CIDC seeking Senior Informix DBA

An interesting Informix Job offering reached The Informix Zone today. CIDC, a Cambridge/Massachusetts based company, is seeking an experienced Informix Database Administrator and Unix insider. Relocation and/or sponsorship is available, read on:

Senior Database Administrator (DBA)

Cambridge Interactive is seeking an experienced DBA to help build and manage OLTP and data warehouse systems for our company and customers. The ideal candidate has

Webcast: Cheetah - Expanding the Administration Free Zone

Cheetah - Expanding the Administration Free Zone

Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Time: 1.5 hours -- 9 Pacific, 11 Central, 12 noon Eastern, 5 PM London, 6 PM Paris, 6 PM Berlin, Germany

There has already been a lot of press publicity around IBM's next generation data server Cheetah. Now you have the chance to listen to John Miller, one of the most well-known Informix experts, talking about Expanding the Administration Free Zone. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Cheetah.

Newsletter - Cheetah Special Edition

(german content)

Newsletter - Cheetah Special Edition

Das äusserst emsige IBM Informix Team hat es - rechtzeitig zum Start des mit Spannung erwarteten Cheetah Open Beta - geschafft, eine Spezial-Ausgabe des Newsletters auf die Beine zu stellen.

Der Newsletter hat sich innerhalb kürzester Zeit zu einer bei Kunden und Business-Partnern anerkannten und beliebten Informationsquelle etabliert. Ich freue mich die neue Spezial Ausgabe des Newsletters auf der Informix Zone vorstellen zu dürfen:

Cheetah Sonderausgabe

Einige von Ihnen hatten hoffentlich die Möglichkeit, dem heiss begehrten, weltweit ersten Cheetah-Workshop in München beizuwohnen.

First worldwide Cheetah Workshop

First worldwide Cheetah Workshop - A tremendous success

Below you will find a summary of the Cheetah Open beta workshop that has been held by IBM yesterday. A special thanks goes to Alexander Koerner of the IBM Informix team for providing this information.

IBM, AMD and Novell Team on Linux Offering for IDS

Next Generation IDS 'Cheetah' Enters Open Beta Testing

The race is on. IBM announced today the start of the open beta test run for it's next generation data server codename Cheetah. Customers and Business Partners can now download and test Cheetah.

IBM Information Management Technical Conference

(german content)

IBM IM Technical Conference

Die Fussball-WM war auch aufgrund der eingesetzten, ausfallsicheren und hochskalierbaren Informix-Datenbanktechnologie in Verbindung mit Software der Fa. Cairos technologies AG ein voller Erfolg. Nahtlos angeknüpft an diesen Erfolg hat die vor kurzem stattgefundene Handball-WM.

Nun wählt auch IBM den Standort Deutschland für die diesjährige europäische Information Management Technical Conference. Die Konferenz findet vom 21-25.05.2007 in Düsseldorf, der Stadt mit der längsten Theke der Welt, statt.

Fast Accession to European Union with Informix

BULGARIA: Fast Accession to European Union with Informix

Just another success story that demonstrates the popularity of Informix Dynamic Server in the public sector due to it's exceptional low administration costs:

Source: Bull Direct Newsletter 12/2006

The Bulgarian customs authorities have also chosen Bull to reinforce their entire IT infrastructure including the Central site and all Customs Offices spread over Bulgaria. The new infrastructure, based on Bull NovaScale and Escala servers, will help Bulgaria to achieve a fast accession to the European Union, thanks to the full integration of the European Tariff into the national system of tariffs, as well as the automatic calculation of customs duties and quota management.

Informix - Continued Innovation

INFORMIX - Continued Innovation ahead of the Competition

IDS 10 on SUSE Linux

BAYERWALD: Successful with IDS 10 on SUSE Linux

The german window and door manufacturer BAYERWALD stores it's critical data in IBM's strategic data server IDS. The Informix data server is running on a SUSE Linux powered system.

A highly available IDS instance serves as the enterprise wide data store. In addition 10 years of order data is stored in a separate data warehouse which is also based on IBM's secret weapon.

BAYERWALD relies on IDS for it's most critical data

Informix Bookstore

IBM - Looking for INFORMIX Authors

INFORMIX attracts more and more interest inside and outside IBM. With an outstanding license growth rate throughout 2006 and the upcoming Cheetah Release, INFORMIX is well positioned for the highly competitive database market.

To further spread the word about it's Administration Free Zone, IBM is looking for experienced IDS consultants/administrators/programmers for writing an INFORMIX book.

Check the following request coming directly from IBM:

IBM is seeking authors for Informix (IDS) books and is especially eager to include
in topics covering the upcoming IDS Cheetah release. Are you interested? The most difficult factor in publishing a book is the time commitment. It will take more time and effort than you can imagine - but the benefits are great! You'll get royalties on the sales of the book, and build your credentials and reputation. Publishing books about IDS will also help build mindshare and expertise on IDS and its latest features.

Newsletter Januar 2007

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe (01/2007) des INFORMIX-Newsletters. Auch diese Ausgabe enthaelt wieder zahlreiche, interessante Themen rund um INFORMIX, das sich immer mehr als strategisches Schluesselprodukt innerhalb der IBM Information Management Division etabliert.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe Januar 2007:

  • Aktuelles
  • Info: IDS 10.00.xC6 ist verfuegbar / IDS 7.31
  • TechTipp: Pluggable Authentication Module
  • TechTipp: Optimizerproblem bei grossen Tabellen
  • TechTipp: HDR Primary und Secondary auf einem einzigen Rechner


INFORMIX - To rise like a Phoenix

I normally hate it to duplicate information but this message is really worth it:

IDS license revenue for 2006 grew over 30% !!!

This is fantastic.

The Informix Zone says thank you to the excellent Informix Engineers, the outstanding Informix Support, the clever Informix Sales Team and all other Informix supporters at IBM who made this possible due to their faithful dedication to the product.

Informix Zone New Features

New Functionalities

The Informix Zone has a new look-and-feel. Beside this external change some new functionality has been added:

  • Email this page
  • Every article on The Informix Zone has now link called email this page at the end. Just click this link and you will be able to forward the current article in form of an email to someone else. Use this feature if you find something interesting and help to spread the word about The Informix Zone. Thank you.

  • My notify settings
  • Registered users will now be able to receive an automatic email every week containing a summary of new content on The Informix Zone. To enable this functionality click on my account and then my notify settings.

Hard times for Oracle

Migration Toolkit 1.4.9

An interesting new article has been published on IBM developerWorks:

New capabilities for migrating to DB2 and IDS in IBM MTK 1.4.9

The article describes the enhanced capabilities of the Migration Toolkit for porting Oracle applications to DB2 and IDS. Several code samples demonstrate the translation of Oracle syntax to the IBM data servers.

This articles demonstrates once again the rapid progress of Informix@IBM. IBM's database strategy has definitely changed, there is no longer a preference for DB2. IDS and DB2 are emancipated know.


Germany: IDS Special Workshop Series

(german content)

Spezial-Workshops zu IDS

Das Thema INFORMIX nimmt in den letzten Monaten immer mehr Fahrt auf. Nachdem die Kult-Datenbank IDS (Informix Dynamic Server) als IBM's strategische Datenbank fuer diverse Einsatzbereiche auserwaehlt wurde, greift die IBM Deutschland das Thema auf und bietet eine Reihe von eintaegigen Spezial-Workshops zum Thema IDS an:

Informix News

Database defense against the dark political arts

There is an interesting new article written by Marty Lurie and his son Aron Lurie available at the IBM Informix Developer Zone:

Database defense against the dark political arts

The article talks about establishing an early warning system for database performance, especially for IBM's strategic data servers (IDS and DB2). The authors combine several interesting technologies (PHP, JpGraph, JMeter and Esql/C) in the article.


Germany: Hands-on Workshop for IDS 11.1

(german content)

Update - 2007-02-23 - Cheetah-Workshop in HH

Termin und Ort für den 2. Cheetah-Workshop stehen und fest, siehe:

IDS Cheetah on Safari in Hamburg

Update - 2007-02-16 - Toller Workshop

Der weltweit erste Cheetah-Workshop war ein grosser Erfolg. Die Cheetah-Safari rollt auf vollen Touren. Lesen Sie einen detaillierten Bericht dazu hier:

First worldwide Cheetah Workshop - A tremendous success

Auf Grund des überwältigen Zuspruchs wird es in Q1/Q2 weitere Workshops zum Thema Cheetah geben. Die Informix Zone hält Sie hierüber auf dem laufenden.

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