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Cheetah: IBM Business Partner Education Events

Cheetah: IBM Business Partner Education Events

The Cheetah Train is increasing it's speed. Under the title 'Making Revenue in 2007 with Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Cheetah' IBM offers two interesting education events that prepare partners for driving new business with IBM's next generation data server Cheetah:

Germany: New Article about IDS Cheetah

(german content)

Artikel zu IDS 11.1 Cheetah

In der neuen Ausgabe (03.07 Mai/Juni) des Entwickler Magazin ist ein Artikel über IBM's schnellsten und effizientesten Datenserver - Informix Dynamic Server 11.1 - erschienen:

Der Artikel (Titel: 'Comeback der Kult-Datenbank') beschreibt die herausragenden Eigenschaften der nächsten IBM Datenserver-Generation, die den Codenamen Cheetah trägt. Unter anderem behandelt der Artikel folgende Themen:

New Informix Website

New Informix Website

A beta version of a new website named INFORMIXCITY from UK Informix Distributor Bell Micro is online.

The website is like The Informix Zone dedicated to Informix Dynamic Server.

INFORMIXCITY gives you interesting, unbeatable reasons why you should migrate to IBM's most reliable data server:

Webcast: Using Sentinel to Monitor and Manage your IDS Server Performance

Using Sentinel to Monitor and Manage your IDS Server Performance

Date: Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
Time: 8 AM Pacific, 10 AM Central, 11 AM Eastern, 4 PM London, 5 PM Paris, 5 PM Berlin

Here you can register for the webcast...


Sentinel (tm) R.6, the industry-leading solution for automating 24x7 
real-time monitoring and management of Informix IDS data servers, is 
the topic of this month's Chat. 

Learn more about Sentinel and its newest features from Lester Knutsen, 

Introducing the Cheetah Resource Outline

Introducing the Cheetah Resource Outline

The Cheetah Zone has a new menu entry called Resource Outline. It contains a compilation of all available information about IBM's next generation data server codename Cheetah. The following resources are listed:

Performance Tuning Tips for IDS

Performance Tuning Tips for IDS

Bobby Sukumar - IDS Performance Tuning Tips

An interesting and valuable new white paper containing IDS Performance Tuning Tips has been published. The author Bobby Sukumar talks about several aspects of the IDS engine and gives general guidelines how to improve the performance of your IDS engine. At the end of the white paper there are some interesting real life examples with a problem description, the diagnosis and the resolution.

Table of Contents

IDS goes Open Source

IDS goes Open Source -:)

Ok, the headline is little bit visionary, but an interesting community project named ids-config has been founded on The goal of the project is:

Configuration tool for IBM Informix-Dynamic Server, designed to probe the hardware environment and suggest an appropriate onconfig file.

Visit the ids-config project at:

Newsletter Maerz 2007

(german content)

Neue Ausgabe des IBM/Informix Newsletters

Im Newsletter-Archiv befindet sich die neueste Ausgabe (03/2007) des INFORMIX-Newsletters.

Inhaltsverzeichnis der Ausgabe Maerz 2007:

  • Aktuelles
  • IDS Cheetah - Neues vom OpenBeta
  • TechTipp: Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) - Teil 4
  • TechTipp: IDS Administration - wer schreibt die Logs voll ?
  • TechTipp: onlog - Auswertung der Informationen der Logischen Logs

Learn more about the Evolution of HDR

Reminder: Learn more about the Evolution of HDR

Mark your calendar for this interesting webcast training about the extended High Availability Options available in Cheetah:

A useful time converter can be found here:

The Informix Marketing Brainstorming Forum

New Forum: Marketing Brainstorming - Push Informix forward

This new forum serves as a platform for ideas and proposals for an innovative Marketing of our favorite data server Informix Dynamic Server. IBM has definitely made progress in this area, but there is still enough room for improvement. Don't hesitate to write your valuable minds down here. I'm sure that IBM monitors this forum.

Take me to the Informix Marketing Brainstorming Forum...

Chat with the Labs - Summary

Integrated Data Solutions for IBM IDS Cheetah

Below you fill find the presentation and some additional notes about the latest Chat with the Labs talk held by Jerry Keesee (Director of the IBM Informix Lab) and Syed Kamal (CEO Gillani Inc.). The webcast covered why IBM IDS Cheetah is the optimal choice for integrated data solutions.

Integrated Data Solutions for IBM IDS Cheetah

Short Summary and some additional Notes

Cheetah Open Beta: Next Drop available

Cheetah Open Beta: Next Drop available

Update 2007-03-21 - Upcoming Cheetah Trainings

IBM will provide free web based trainings covering dedicated Cheetah topics:

IDS versus Oracle/DB2 - A not too serious Analogy -:)

IDS versus Oracle/DB2 - A not too serious Analogy-:)

This is my first entry in my new blog on The Informix Zone. I will add some more from time to time beside the normal Informix Zone postings. Not all my blog entries are to be taken too seriously -:) Thank you and have fun.

My favorite sport is Mountainbiking. However Mountainbiking is not Mountainbiking. There are several different specificities of the same sport. Some of us like to climb the steepest hills as fast and efficient as possible, while others prefer to carry out their mountainbike to a bikepark to practice jumps and other daring feats. I personally prefer the former specificity.

IBM - Database Winback Offering

IBM - Database Winback Offering

As an incentive to encourage qualified customers to move from non-IBM database servers to DB2 9
Universal Database or Informix Dynamic Server, IBM is offering special pricing on new licenses 
of IBM database servers to replace competitive licenses.

Who qualifies ?
All current customers of Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server or  Sybase Adaptive Server.

IBM Website:
IBM Database Winback Pricing

More details below...

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs...

Fast Growing Informix Blogosphere

There is currently really a lot of positive excitement happening around Informix at IBM and Informix outside IBM.

The technical superiority of Informix Dynamic Server and the impressive feature set of the upcoming Cheetah Release leads to a strong demand for more detailed information on IBM's secret weapon.

Cheetah - First Technical Papers available

Cheetah - First Technical Papers available

In case you haven't already seen it, there are some new technical papers about Cheetah available on the IBM website. They are currently a little bit hidden at the end of the download area for the Cheetah open beta software.

Those technical papers cover - beside the Cheetah feature overview - the following areas in detail:

  • RTO_SERVER_RESTART and Non-Blocking Checkpoints by Scott Lashley
  • Integrated Solutions and SQL Enhancements by Keshava Murty

Webcast: Cheetah - Integrated Data Solutions

Cheetah - Integrated Data Solutions

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Time: 1.5 hours -- 8 AM Pacific, 11 AM ET US (New York), 3 PM London, 4 PM Berlin, Germany

The next webcast regarding Cheetah is on it's way and will show you why Cheetah is the
optimal data server for Integrated Data Solutions.

Here you can register for the webcast...

Cheetah - Last Committed Feature

Cheetah - Last Committed Feature

Informix fellow Fernande Nunes from Portugal published an interesting article about the new Last Commmitted Isolation Level available in Cheetah.

Cheetah spot by spot: LAST COMMITTED READ

It is really worth reading it to gain an understanding about this useful functionality which allows non-blocking reads.

Fernando's blog also contains other interesting information about IBM's secret weapon.

Chat with the Labs - Summary

Cheetah Administration Enhancements

Below you fill find the presentation and a short summary about the latest Chat with the Labs talk held by Jerry Keesee (Director of the IBM Informix Lab) and John Miller (IBM Senior Technical Staff Member). The webcast covered the exciting new features of Cheetah in the area of administration and usability.

Improving IDS Administration Zone

Germany: 2nd Workshop for IDS 11.1

(german content)

Update - 2007-04-13 - Workshop ausgebucht (fully booked)

Auch der am 18. April stattfindende 2. Cheetah-Workshop ist bereits ausgebucht. Das dokumentiert das nachhaltig grosse Interesse an der naechsten Generation von IBM's Hochleistungs-Datenbank Informix Dynamic Server.

Wie aus IBM-Kreisen zu hoeren ist, wird es vermutlich aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage einen weiteren Cheetah-Workshop geben.

Die Informix Zone wird Sie hierueber selbstverstaendlich auf dem Laufenden halten.

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